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Alternative Cinema Announcements, what's in production, who's hiring.

Netflixfan -- A Greensboro woman writes Netflixfan and it's a terrific site. The links alone are worth a visit. It is Netflix-centric, though. Netflix has a distribution center in Greensboro that gets our films here (Durham) pronto. , terrific film festival site, includes coverage by our own team of NC Flix journalists. All the hot festival news.

, reviews, guides, places to find the movies. Includes reviews from NC Flix journalists., a great resource for news, connections, community for Indie films and film making. We're pleased to carry their news feeds.

Sense of Cinema, Intelligent, serious film criticism. One of our favorite film-related sites. You'll have a great time exploring here if you love movies.

Film Rotation's newsfeeds, News from just about every film site with a syndicated news feed on the Web. Takes a long time to scroll through them all, but you can't say it's not comprehensive. Or will be when they add us...

Internet Movie Database, purely for your convenience. If you need boiler plate info about movies, this is the place to go.

Fillmmaker Magazine is one of our favorite publications about the biz these days. Its Web site is well worth your time, too. We post there now and then on their blog and visit the site regularly.

MovieMaker Magazine is another excellent publication about making films and filmmakers. This is the one we buy religiously. The archives on its Web site are well worth a bit of crusiing.

Hollywood Movie Stock Exchange, is an online game you can play for free and it's a lot of fun for any movie buff. You get "money" to start and invest in films, betting on their opening gross, or in stars, directors, or projects still in development. What's more, scientists say these mass market stock exchanges have real validity in terms of predicting success and failure (or should we say, in this case, "Reel Validity?" If Hollywood moguls aren't paying attention to this, they should be. We love this game.

Film Festivals - Books about film festivals.

Film Tourism - Where the stars are -- and where they've been, in case you want to visit...

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Short Film Review

(Photo above from "Perils of Nude Modeling," an entertaining ten-minute film, which we first saw at the Riverrun Film Festival in Winston-Salem, now on AOL's and the International Student Film Festival DVD.)

Short Film Review is a place to discuss short films from festivals,,, AOL's Moviefone, UNC-TV's Visions, and other short film venues.

Short films are the upcoming revolution in the the entertainment world, with markets evolving not only online but for wireless devices, advertising, and emerging media.

All The Love You Cannes! An Indie's Guide to the Cannes Film Festival

Variety guide to film festivals



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